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Frequently Asked Questions

If I file an insurance claim, will my premiums increase?

No. Insurance premiums apply on a regional basis, and opening a claim will have no impact.

What type of issues will my insurance cover?

Insurance will only cover damages to your roof which are storm-related. General maintenance to your roof is not typically covered by insurance. There are criteria used by your insurance to justify repair or replacement.

If I suspect damage to my roof, what should I do first?

We recommend scheduling an inspection of your roof to first understand the extent of the damage. Our representatives will thoroughly inspect your roof to determine if the damage falls within the criteria for an insurance claim to be opened. We will work with your best interest in mind to ensure you receive a fair settlement.

Should my roofer meet with the insurance adjuster during their inspection?

Yes. Our experience gives us the leverage to talk with the adjuster and come to terms with the type of work required for your roofing service.

How much will a new roof cost me?

The price of a new roof is determined based on a number of variables. These could include the materials selected, whether it’s residential or commercial, location of the home or building, and more. We pride ourselves in providing quality materials and workmanship at a fair value.

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